A licyn Packard embodies one of the most uniquely versatile female voices lighting up screens across the globe. As an actor, writer, producer and musician Alicyn seamlessly moves between genres, lending her face and voice to a myriad of projects for television, radio, film, video games, web & stage. Nominated for three Voice Arts Awards for excellence in voiceover, she can be heard daily bringing to life over a dozen popular animated characters and breathing fresh authenticity into commercials and on-air television promotions.

Alicyn’s debut EP, “Heartbeat of the Universe” combines lush vocals and poetic lyrics with a warm indie-folk sound. The album examines her journey toward self acceptance, the birth of her first child, and the connection between nature and humanity. Alicyn’s acoustic stylings are like herself — playful, thoughtful, and homegrown. “Heartbeat of the Universe” is Alicyn’s most raw and personal creative endeavor and the accompanying five self-produced music videos serve as an affirmation of life.

Throughout her career, Alicyn has been no stranger to the recording process. She has lent her voice to many characters, including: Toodles – Tom & Jerry, Jibanyan – Yo-Kai Watch, Robyn – Space Racers, Alma – Poppy Cat, Firewall – The Emoji Movie, Female Blood Elf – World of Warcraft, Ms. Sunshine, Naughty, and Whoops – The Mr. Men Show, Narration – Snapped: She Made Me Do It, Promo Voice – Ovation Network, and Mistress of Death – Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite.

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